Pear Smoothie with Ginger (Green Smoothie)

When pears are ripe at your local farmer’s market it’s the perfect time to make a pear smoothie with ginger and take advantage of the fruit in season.


– ripe pear, peeled and quartered – spinach – ginger – lemon juice – almonds


Place all ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth. Consume immediately

With a good blender, smoothies are incredibly easy to make. This pear smoothie recipe comes together fast and has all the sweetness of pear with the bite of ginger to balance out the green.

Water is a fantastic choice to add since most of us are already dehydrated and water is an odorless and tasteless  liquid that adds bulk to our pear smoothie without any calories.

Drinking a smoothie is like condensing multiple fruits and vegetables into one food experience. You still get the fiber, nutrients, and micronutrients, you just get them in a smaller package.

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