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Turtle Thumbprint Cookies Recipe {Blossoms}

Homemade and deliciously gooey Turtle Cookies recipe is a delicious combination of nuts, chocolate, and caramel. Turtle Thumbprint cookies, often called blossom cookies, are a joy to eat and the perfect addition to your cookie list. Every bite is a combination of these classic turtle candy flavors but with the addition of a chewy cookie …

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Shortbread Cookies Recipe (5 Ingredients)

With only five ingredients, this homemade shortbread cookies recipe comes together incredibly fast and results in the perfect crunchy, buttery cookie bite. Fill a platter for a coffee bar, make a batch for your next afternoon tea, or just have them in the cookie jar for a fun snack after school. However you use this …

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White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies Recipe

Come to the party with a platter filled with these perfectly soft and chewy delicious White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies. Perfect for any occasion, these cookies shine at holiday events and are a great crowd-pleaser. Decadent oatmeal and brown sugar cookies are over the top with white chocolate and dried cranberries throughout. A perfect combination.

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Soft and Chewy Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

If you’ve ever made a gingerbread house and tried to take a bite of the walls, right now you are thinking about hard-to-chew, dry, crunchy gingerbread. That’s not what we want. Instead, make these chewy gingerbread cookies recipe for the perfect soft, moist, and delicious cookie everyone craves. Make up a bunch for your holiday …

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Chocolate Almond Microwave Fudge Recipe

As the holiday season approaches, one of the things my family looks forward to is homemade candy. That’s why I was so excited to develop this simple but elegant microwave fudge recipe. Our chocolate almond fudge recipe is so smooth and creamy and it’s perfect for gifting, layering on a sweet charcuterie board, or adding …

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Pan Banging Homemade Sugar Cookie Recipe

This Homemade Sugar Cookie Recipe makes a soft and chewy cookie with delicate crispy edges that taste like it’s bathed in vanilla and browned butter! Pan WHAT? That’s what I thought too! This Pan Banging Homemade Sugar Cookie recipe is just fun to make. Best of all they’re quick and easy. That makes them perfect …

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